Martin Gardner Architecture

Design solutions for Iowa’s built and natural environment

We are community members who love problem solving through design

Martin Gardner Architecture P.C. has been providing EXCELLENCE in architecture, design, master planning, needs assessment, creative placemaking, and other consulting services in eastern Iowa for over 35 YEARS. We have artists, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, community planners, historic preservationists, graphic designers, drafts-people, and construction industry specialists to ensure that every tool is available to meet the challenges of every project. Together we have a dynamic Team with a wide-ranging portfolio of over 2,000 PROJECTS.

We believe that we serve our clients best by being able to utilize our MULTI-DISCIPLINARY in-house talent and also through our enthusiasm and openness to partner and COLLABORATE with a wide array of artisans, crafts-people, businesses, & trade industry professionals. We view all consultants as collaborators rather than as competitors and prioritize them based on their performance, cost, and quality of service. We value unique and unlikely partnerships as a means to INNOVATE, CREATE, and DELIVER.



700 11th Street, Suite 200
Marion, Iowa 52302


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