NAHB has partnered with the Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University and the University of Oklahoma Construction Science Program to create lesson plans that building professionals can use to encourage interest in construction careers at the middle school level (5th-8th grades).

The goals of the lesson plans are to engage the students, fit in a teacher’s required curriculum and be applicable for schools across the United States. Each lesson plan includes a hands-on activity where students apply the math and science principles being taught.

The lesson plans cover a wide range of topics including home and green building design, energy consumption in a home, the importance of communication and basic physics and engineering concepts.

NAHB is encouraging members and HBAs to review the lesson plans and reach out to local school systems to get the plans into a classroom presentation. The plans are very detailed and include an overview, a script, handouts and PowerPoint presentations where applicable. We want it to be as easy as possible for a builder to teach a lesson on home building.

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