Montecito High School students participated in a National Signing Day May 8 by signing pledges that commit them to working in trades such as plumbing, electrical and construction.

The inaugural Signing Day was sponsored by Klein Tools in conjunction with the trades organization SkillsUSA. Coordinated with more than 200 schools across the United States, the event was patterned after high school athletes signing pledges to play college sports on scholarships.

Montecito Principal Michael Sterner said the signings open career doors to trades students in a more profound way than college athletes, who rarely advance to professional sports.

“Usually athletes work hard at sports and have the opportunity to parlay it into college and hopefully professional sports,” Sterner said. “Here today we praise people taking the next step in trades. Students will be leaving with skills to support themselves. Hopefully, they’ll get better to make more money to support themselves and their families.”

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Original article from the San Diego Tribune